Gobi desert Open plains Horses grazing Camels grazing
Shamanistic symbol - Ovuu tree Horses Vulture in the nest Group of vultures
Falcon in flight Mongol woman Mongol elder Father and son
Ger ceiling Mongol wooden saddle Erdene Zuu monastery Bronze cylinders at Erdene Zuu monastery
Temples at Erdene Zuu monastery Naadam 9 ceremonial staffs Naadam judges Traditional dancing
A boy in traditional dress Wrestler in traditional eagle stance Wrestlers Colourful wrestler costumes
Near Amarbayasgalant monastery One of Amarbayasgalant monastery gates Inside of Amarbayasgalant monastery Amarbayasgalant monastery's golden emblem
Drying incense in Amarbayasgalant monastery One of the imposing temples inside Amarbayasgalant monastery Night sky with Polaris star in the centre Unknown volcano