Vivitar Lenses
This section comprises of the Vivitar lenses that I have personally used at some point in time. My rating is based on the summary of factors. Such as quality of the pictures in terms of sharpness and contrast, usability, distortions and what it has been designed to do, i.e. macro.
70-210mm F3.5 AIrarelyVery GoodWell built. Sharp wide open. The downside is weight, no close focusing except for macro and clunky handling.
135mm F2.3rarelyVery GoodWell built. Hard to handle and focus. When in focus the results are outstanding. Very good color reproduction.
135mm F2.8 AIrarelyVery GoodWell built. Good handling. A bit soft wide-open compare to similar Nikkors.
2X Macro Focusing MCrarelyVery GoodEnables macro focusing with any lens attached. Performance varies from lens to lens. Best with 50mm f1.8.